Using Mopidy Software for In-store Music

Hello all,

I am working on a project to develop in-store music across 60 locations. Here is the plan

I want to setup a streaming server at the Head Office where the music track will be loaded into on a linux server using mopidy

Then setup modipy on raspberrypi across all the stores.

Also want to have a web interface for setting up scehdules, controlling the upload of playlists.

Plan to have this such that the raspberry pi downloads the playlist to an external drive connected to the raspberrypi and plays track from the hard disk.

Whenever there is an updated playlist, the raspberry pi at the stores gets the latest playlist.

Can this be achieved using modipy both at the head office and the at the stores locations.

You can build such a solution using Mopidy, but things like a scheduling web application and the distribution (download) of tracks to the stores are things you’ll need to develop yourselves. For the scheduler application you could use the HTTP JSON-RPC API (