Building a spotify out of mopidy

hi there
as the title suggest, i got a web site with thousands of royalty free tracks, mostly religious so they are created with the intent of free distribution
now the question is, if a mopidy server was introduced, with an extension for the website (it doesn’t provide an api so i might just crawl it and download the content and stream it from aws or start locally from my home server) will that work ?

are there any quality apps for discoverability/social engagement ? (shared track lists, friends…etc)

would really love to hear some opinions/suggestions


Mopidy is a derivation of mpd, the music player daemon. That is a music player running in the background being operated by external clients. That means it plays music on the computer it is installed on.
If i understand you correctly you want others to play these tracks on their computer/devices.,
Then mopidy is not for you. You should look for Streaming, Icecast, html5 audio etc.

HTH tom

I did a lot of research the past weeks

All the actual mp3s are stored at an external website, so paying a dev to create a plugin for it should fix the library problem
Now the question is how good the client can get regarding discoverability and social listening

Any good Devs that you recommend for either of the jobs ?