Can I play musics on other devices and use Mopidy as a server?

So I have successfully got Mopidy working. I can now plug a speaker into my raspberry, and control it to play music on a web interface.

But, let me explain my question, can I listen to the music on my other devices? For example, I would like to make Mopidy as an online server, and I can access it on my laptop and play the music in Raspberry on my laptop. How can I do that?

Thank you

I won’t claim this as the only answer, but I’ve used SnapCast to distribute audio throughout my house. I think BadAix is close to a Windows client and I think there is already a Apple client. At some point (in my understanding) the plan is that each client will be able to choose its server, so with multiple people living in a household, a person can decide on which stream is feeding a device. I’m using a bunch of Raspberry Pi’s with HiFiBerries for my distributed audio solution and I’m pretty happy with it.

FWIW, my server is also a client, feeding audio to itself. I have three other Pi’s set up with the Mopidy and SnapServer services disabled waiting for when I can have multiple “channels” set up for the household. SnapCast has a JSON interface that I’d like to hack into MusicBox to direct the streams. As well as MusicBox/Mopidy being the master volume, SnapCast allows you to control the volume on each SnapClient. It will be sweet when all of this comes together, but at the moment I live alone so I’m not in a huge hurry.


Thank you, K. Took some time to look into the SnapCast. So, can I listen to the music in raspberry through the Internet. For example, I have more than 10G songs stored in my hard drive and I have connected this hard drive to my raspberry pi. When I am in the office, I would like to listen to those songs using my work computer through some kind of web client. When I’m driving, maybe I could listen to the songs using my phone. And at home also. I’m looking for this kind of music server. Do you have an idea?

I’m not the final word on this by any means, but my initial thought is that you’d need a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to tunnel into your home network to accomplish this. If nothing else, look up OpenVPN. There are too many variables to say whether you could get gapless playback with it.

I’d love it if someone had a simpler solution, but that’s the avenue I’d pursue.


Many many thanks. That might be a workaround for now.