Use the PiCam under PiMusicBox


i would like to use raspberry pi cam as an add-on surveillance cam for an outdoor application (rear side of house).
The pimusicbox connects perfectly to the close by network and plays music.
However, i would like to have the chance to use it additionally as surveillance device the site it is installed.
I’am sure, there are more people who tried this.

I already tried to use some of the standard tutorial one finds on the internet.
But that did not easily work.

Thus, my question: is there any tutorial available or is there someone, who could give hints ?



No one who has ever done this?
I could also imagine to use such a system as a rear camera for a car application.

Tinkering at christmas… i would be glad to get some detailed hints…


I don’t see why it wouldn’t work, give it a go.

Sorry, had a couple of ‘family enqiries’ the last two weeks.

I already tried some of the standard documents that can be found on the web for installing the raspberry cam under a standard Raspian OS.
Among others i focussed on the package motion (sudo apt-get install motion) and the resources found on

However, i did not manage to access the camera so far. It works under Raspian, but there are probably some problems about sharing the web access(?) with the musicbox.
Probably one of my problem is, that i lack some deeper knowledge of the ‘way to get the work-around’ under linux.