Getting started with Musicbox

I have just bought a pi 3+ and as I am new I just need to know how to start up with Musicbox. This is what I have done so far and some questions?:

*As the pi was new, I put Rasbian OS advanced onto it. That got me a working unit.

  • I now need to put put Musicbox on the SD card. So how do I do that?

  • Do I image Musicbox onto an SD and not put Rasbian. I did that but the pi does not boot.

  • I then thought that maybe instal Win32 Imager and put Musicbox img onto the Rasbian SD but then noting happens and no boot up.

  • I am fresh out of options so is there anyone who can tell me where Ii have gone wrong?

Many thanks.


Should be the option, but Musicbox is quite old now, you might be better off installing Mopidy and any other bits you want onto the card with Raspbian OS installed.

Thanks Steve. The object of the exercise is to stream an online radio station 24/7. As it will be an unattended site, I need it to run automatically.
So if I image Rasbian onto the SD, how do I put Mopidy onto that? Is it an exe? This is where I need some help as I am still getting to grips with the process.

Steve W

I’m not sure how you would do this.

Once you’ve got the card set up and running have a look here

However probably best to have a look through the docs to familiarise yourself with the process.

Thanks for that. A lot of this is uncharted territory for me but I will read and see what I do not understand. Much appreciated.

I suppose, if you have Mopidy-mpd installed, you run an mpc command on boot to start the stream.

The autoplay function of Musicbox would have provided this. But that same functionality (a script that runs at boot and calls some mpc commands) can be implemented on any system. I would not use Musicbox for any new project, it’s much too outdated. Do as @Steve_Lambert suggests.

Thanks Guys,

I am not up to play with this type of pc work so it should be interesting.

A lot of those instructions are totally alien to me. Is there something that I can understand?

I know the feeling, most of it is still like that to me.
Do you have a terminal open? Follow the link in the earlierpost for installation then copy and paste the first line ;
wget -q -O - | sudo apt-key add -
and enter or return. then do the same with the following highlighted lines on the page down as far as No 4
You’ll want it running as a service - this means Mopidy will start on boot, so go to this page
and I usually use Service Management with SystemMD
Reboot then run sudo systemctl status mopidy to check Mopidy is running.
I think thats it, but without doing it myself I’m not completely sure.

Funnily enough I copied/wrote a script for autoplay with spotify on boot [here] I’d forgotton all about it. I guess that could be used for to start the stream.

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Thanks Steve. I will give that a whirl over the weekend.

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