Fully workingPi Music box Image request

Hi ,

It seems the version that is available from the official website(https://dl.mopidy.com/pimusicbox/pimusicbox-0.6.0.zip), is an old one, and has several problems with youtube and other minor problems, could you please update it for a fully working image, or any user who has a system Working properly, could share it.

Thanks a lot


+1 for this, i have tried a number of things and would like a little more unto date version too


There hasn’t been a commit since Feb 22. Makes me a bit worried if the project is close to abandonment.

I second that idea / question. But from what I got from other topics here, time seems to be an issue, so no release has been built. i teally would be great, if somebody who found the time to build a new “Pi Musicbox” with updated components would share his image!

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