Tunein vanishing

Hello guys, I have been tinkering with MusicBox for a little while now

Its been great fun but also a little frustrating when some things don’t work, things I have had trouble with are mounting a network drive and tunein always disappearing!

I have done a clean install about 3 times because of my persistent tinkering, and tunein is visible upon fresh install but after a couple of reboots it is no longer visible on the webclient.

I haven’t worked out what is causing it, but during boot up it seems to be enabled as a service but is not visible on the webclient.

Also I have read a few posts on here and github about a possible update based on a later version of mopidy?? Is that still a possibility??

Anyway any ideas would be appreciated

By disappearing, do you mean that it’s no longer visible in the ‘browse’ list? Are you still able to search using it? When you say you can see it enabled as a service, do you mean the extension is in the enabled list in the log. Or something else? Is there anything else relevant in the Mopidy log at /var/log/mopidy.log?

Regarding mounting, please provide the address you are trying to use.

Regarding upgrading, see http://pimusicbox.readthedocs.org/en/develop/upgrading/

What I mean is while the pi is booting, I can see the modules being loaded and it actually prints to screen all the extensions that have been ‘loaded’.

And yes I cant see nor access the module on the webclient

2015-10-03 12:39:50,625 - INFO     Enabled extensions: moped, stream, spotify_tunigo, podcast-gpodder, http-kuechenradio, softwaremixer, file, websettings, tunein, mopify, podcast-itunes, local, mpd, http, podcast, soundcloud, mobile, local-sqlite, youtube, simple-webclient, local-whoosh, m3u
2015-10-03 12:39:50,639 - INFO     Disabled extensions: spotify, alsamixer, gmusic, scrobbler, subsonic, somafm, internetarchive, musicbox_webclient, dirble, audioaddict

Ok I did a full upgrade following the instructions at the address you posted and…drum roll…

IT WORKED!!! and I have noticed an improvement in speed of performance especially with youtube and streams!!!

Thanks for you hard work kingosticks :smile: