Setting up "Mopidy-Local-Images"


I am having some problems installing the extension “Mopidy-Local-Images” on my Musicbox. Before the install everything works fine (I mostly use local files from NAS and TuneIn). After the installation (following the guide here) the library is empty (once I could see “network” and the mp3-filenames within) and “TuneIn” disappeared…

Has anyone an idea what’s wrong here?

Thank you!

Mopidy-Local-Images depends on Mopidy v1.1, so by installing using pip, you probably upgraded that, too. There’s already a thread about using Mopidy v1.1 on MusicBox: MusicBox with Mopidy 1.1.1-1

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Or it could also be this

Hey. Thanks for the replies.

It seems this is getting kind of “too deep” for my knowledge. I think I can live w/o the local album art…

Maybe in a new version of Music Box this will be a feature.