Tunein lost stations

Since this is my second post in this group, a very brief introduction: My name is Kraig, I live in Minneapolis, MN, USA. I am an IT guy who professionally works with Microsoft based OS’s. In my previous career I was a C/C++ programmer on Windows platforms. I’m a semi-pro musician, my primary instrument is drums, but I also play bass and a bit of guitar.

I have six RPi’s with HiFiBerry DAC/DAC+'s. I just got the last Pi (a Pi3) yesterday so it isn’t configured yet. The server (a Pi2B) has Mopidy, MusicBox and Snapcast on a stock Jessie image. It is both a Snapcast client and a Snapcast server. The other four Pi’s are Pi B’s with Jessie Lite and Snapcast client. It’s a pretty sweet setup. I have had it working for less than a month.

Introduction complete, I’ll get on to the issue.

I think this is a Mopidy issue, not a MusicBox issue. Until yesterday I could go in through the MusicBox UI and browse Tunein By Location. I love listening to music from other countries, so this is an important feature to me.

Nothing happened as far as I can tell to the server, but when I go to By Location I now get No Tracks found. I could try a different UI than MusicBox to see if Tunein comes back, but I haven’t yet. Alternatively, I have a backup of the system when it was working and I could just reimage.

I thought I’d ask before I did either of those options. I have done a pip update of Mopidy-Tunein, added the Timeout = 5000 line to config.txt, rebooted and perhaps a few other things. I’m curious if there’s a way to force Mopidy-Tunein to refresh before I went to the effort of restoring the previous working image.

Thanks in advance for any wisdom and advice you can provide me.


FWIW, my personal theory is that the Pi2 saw the Pi3 arrive, got jealous and this is a cry for attention on its part.


I don’t use it very often but there are no By Location on mine either and there are a couple of people on downdetector saying the same thing over the past couple of days. http://downdetector.com/status/tunein

The API used by the extension is http://opml.radiotime.com/ and you can see if you try http://opml.radiotime.com/Browse.ashx?id=r0 it returns an error. The TuneIn API is generally pretty bad, there is no public documentation for any of it and I’m really surprised it’s worked for as long as it has. Hopefully it’s just a temporary glitch but otherwise someone will have to reverse engineer (using the app or the website) what the new endpoint should be.

Yep, it magically fixed itself. Pleased to “meet” you both. I was hoping to find out if KingOSticks was also a drummer. Oh well, I’ll have to keep trolling him :wink:


@kingosticks: Interesting, I didn’t know an OPML API was used by the tunein extension. Do you know of a proper specification for the “audio” outline type? Since Mopidy-Podcast v2.0 supports OPML as well, it may make sense to add support for “audio” as well…

I do not and I’m not sure one even exists. I just hacked around by example until it mostly worked.

OK, thanks! Found this in the mean time:


Just FYI, By Location was back last night. I really need to learn how to hack this stuff. I left programming almost 15 years ago and it seems a few things have changed.