Spotify issue on musicbox

Hello everyone,

I’m enjoying pi musicbox, however i just cannot get spotify to work as i want it. I have intermittent access to my Playlists but i cannot search for any tracks on spotify.

Help me pleeeaase!


Also what does spotify client unknown config key mean

It would usually mean you are not using the latest version (v0.7RC6) available on github. Are you?

Did you change the config through websettings or manually editing settings.ini?


I believe i am using 0.7. I dowbloaded the latest one.

I edited the settings.ini file saved it. And then went on to edit through the web interface. But i can access tunein etc just not the search on spotify. There was a moment when i had my playlists but they disappeared after i put the client id in

Can you please take a look in the log file at /var/log/mopidy/mopidy.log for the error message.

I have fixed the issue with spotify.

My issue now is having upgraded to mopidy 2.0 it now no longer sees gstreamer. Gst not available.

PiMusicbox does not support Mopidy 2.0. If you want to use PiMusicbox you need to start over with a fresh image and post your mopidy log (if you still have a problem).