Streaming from Lacie 2BigNas

Hi everyone,
I’m having trouble trying to stream my music library which is currently on a Lacie 2Big NAS connected to my local network to a raspberri pi running PMB.
So far I’ve been able to get PMB working with all its default funtionality ie streaming radio, and acting as a streaming point for itunes. I’ve also activated upnp/DLNA, NFS and SMB on the NAS (as well as PMB) and it is visible across all my networked devices (mobile included - except on the raspberry pi).

I was hoping someone would be able to point be in the right direction regarding how to get PMB to see/mount the Lacie drive over the network, since as it stands simply filling in the Network Drive Settings page has not worked.

Any tips or recommendations would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance.

Your post is rather vague but if I understood your issue then check out this thread, it may help you get it sorted out.