File Syncing - from share to local

I’m new to MusicBox… and RasPi… so this is my first build. The streaming functionality is great but I’d really like the Pi to reach out to the share on my nas and sync locally to storage attached to the RasPi. Then for MusicBox to manage the local files. Any thoughts or suggestions on how I might pull this off? I really wish MusicBox had this functionality built in.

Thanks ahead of time!

What’s wrong with the existing network share support? The documentation at is a little outdated but the principal is the same.

I mean, other than that feature is slightly broken in the latest release and must be manually fixed… See Smb connection error 112 host is down

@kingosticks - Other than the fact that I’m just not yet familiar enough with MusicBox to know that it exists, maybe nothing. Bouncing through it I saw settings for mounting a network share (I assumed for streaming from it) but didn’t see functionality for syncing that share to local storage for offline playback (which is ultimately my goal). I’ll check out the documentation you supplied, maybe I’ll luck out and it’ll do exactly what I want. :slight_smile: thanks much!

Ahh, it won’t actually sync the files over to the local filesystem. I don’t think anyone has asked for that before, I guess normally your home file server is always going to be available. You could use cron to schedule something to periodically copy the mounted files though.

I travel and don’t have a hotspot in my car, so streaming is out; it’d be easier to sync to local storage in the car and play from there at least that was the idea. I hate juggling flash drives, it’s a pain. I want to drop music into a share directory (or pull it out) and have it autosync down to the vehicle and be ready to go when I am. It blows my mind that I’m the first to mention it. Was thinking about using bittorrent sync to do it but that licensing is costly.

The simplest method would be to use cron to schedule rsync to run periodically, say every hour. Or setup a udev script that runs rsync when a usb drive is inserted. Or I guess a button on the websettings page that you manually click when you want to sync. I quite like the feature, but honestly, I don’t think anyone has asked for it before today!

Can’t leave the device powered on 24x7, it’ll drain the car battery - so maybe just an option to sync to local on boot? With a configurable audio file to be played on sync completion? Then I can just crank the car and sit until the notification file plays (obviously I’ll seed the local storage to reduce initial sync times).

Maybe eventually I’ll come up with a way to charge a secondary battery while the car is in use, then use that to power the Pi while the car is offline - but that’s way in the future. First build, I need to keep it simple.