Stream url's are not written/read


Have been trying to get this to work, but if i change/delete/create new entrys in the stream section, it is not saved.

It is clear that the GUI does not write to the streamuri.js, and the system does not seem to read from it either, maybe at first run, since the default stations is visible. I see someone claims this to be related to cookies, but then the info should be actually written to the file? And, a system might not be optimal if cookie/webcache needs to be cleared all the time on every unit before each use.

Anyone know anything about this bug?

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As specified in the file itself, the entries in streamuris.js are defaults. They are loaded (and likely cached by your browser) and then combined with any streamuris cookie that exists. javascript running in your browser cannot write to your filesystem so cookies are used to persist any changes you make within the musicbox-webclient UI. Nothing is written out to streamuris.js, this cookie lives only in your browser. If you decide to manually edit the defaults in streamuris.js (using a text editor) then you’ll probably need to clear the browser’s cache to ensure the file’s updated contents are loaded. You might also then want to clear your cookies, at which point only your streamuris.js default entries will be present.

This is a legacy workaround which could do with some improvements. Even so, I don’t understand why you’d want to clear the cookies ‘all the time on every unit before each use’.

Thank you for a good answer. I now understand how it works, and the limitations.

I am using a computer, editing the streamlist in the, and then would expect this to flow to the other units (phones/tablets etc).

From what you say, i would need to edit the file in console, and then update cookies on all the clients, each time i add a new stream? This is obviously not too often, but if my wife should call me at work and demand a specific radio channel, she would not be able to clear her cache :stuck_out_tongue:

I agree it could use some improvement, it is normal for a user to expect that a change done in the gui, is global and takes effect in real time.



Yep, I’m afraid your use case isn’t really catered for currently. I agree
it’s a reasonable expectation and it is high up on the todo list.

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