I think the radio streams doesn t work in the new vs

just installed the new vs ,all fine ,the network(dlink stick )working super ,it s detect my 500 gb hdd ,the music working nice ,but the radio no .it s just hang it on -total silence .any ideea ?

Please explain exactly what you have done (including the stream URLs you’ve tried). Thanks

hello/first conecting thru putty /boot/config/podcast.opml/duplicate a line with mc, and added my stream ,saving with ctrl+X
then after a rebbot removed that line because it doesn t worked
nothing more
maby i should imput in music /playlist/radio streams?

p.s i will reinstall os

podcast.opml is for podcasts. It’s specifically used by Mopidy-Podcast and the format is briefly explained here.

If you have a normal radio stream you can add it to the “Radio Streams” m3u playlist. The easiest way of doing that is via the Streams page in the default webclient. You can also edit the playlist file manually if you prefer; the following is taken from the FAQ:

What happened to streamuris.js? How do I change the saved stream list?

Radio stations are now stored in /music/playlists/[Radio Streams].m3u and will appear in a playlist called ‘Musicbox Favourites’. You can modify this playlist using the webclient’s Streams page or by editing the underlying playlist file. Any modifications you make will be visible to all clients.