Stability problems with 0.7 RC7

I’ve been having a few problems with Pi MB, which I mainly use for streaming Spotify and Airplay.

I run Pi MB on a Pi which I leave connected to my hifi and turned on.

Problem #1: I frequently see the Airplay and Spotify receivers vanish from my network. Rebooting the Pi brings them back, so I added a cron job to reboot every night at 3am. This seems to have improved things somewhat.

Problem #2: When sending music to Pi MB using Spotify (librespot) or airplay quite often falls over after playing a few tracks. Airplay seems a little more stable than Spotify. Again, a reboot fixes this.

Problem #3: Because of these frequent needs to reboot, I often see the SD card corrupting to the point where the web interface breaks, or the system won’t even boot. I tried making as much of the filesystem read-only as possible, but this is fiddly because it causes more problems with unanticipated processes needing to write to the filesystem.

I’ve tried using multiple Pis (2s and 3s) and SD cards.

Has anyone else seen these problems and has better strategies for fixing them than I do?