After fixing the disk, the system does not run properly


Yesterday after turning on/off power too many times, by RPi (3b+) stopped booting.
It showed some fsck errors.
Without getting too deep into that, I plugged the sd card into my macbook and applied Disk Utility First Aid to the card.
First Aid said it fixed a couple of orphan blocks.

Now after I put the sd card back into RPi it boots just fine without any fsck errors.
However it lost its charms (Pi Musibox 0.7, jessie) - ssh server seems not up, and all the mopidy stuff is also not running.

I don’t see any errors on the boot.

How do I troubleshoot it?
Did the system go into maintenance mode that should be turned off?

Thanks :smiley:

Your errors were likely the result of SD card corruption. I guess your utility cleared up the errors but the original data won’t have been restored. Things will be broken, some of them non-obviously. By far the easiest solution by far is to reinstall.

Thanks for reply!

Did reinstall it on a different SD card, looks good.