Musicbox gets stuck - Spotify


At first I was facing some issues with the SD-card I was using and I also bought a new power supply and now these problems are settled. But in irregular intervals my musicbox gets stuck playing a spotify playlist. Once it played 6 days straight without any problems, another time just 4 hours. It’s always a different song, there is no sound and in the browser it looks like it “pretends” to be playing the first few seconds, and then again jumps back to the beginning and over again… If I hit the skip button, the next song plays fine again and the playlist will proceed, sometimes only for some hours and on other occassions for one or even more days. There are no error messages shown if I plug my pi to a display. The pi is connected to the router via network cable, as I thought that this might ensure a more stable internet connection.

Has anybody experienced similar problems or an idea of what might be the problem?


I experienced similar symptoms when I went to play my Christmas 2015 (yes I know its sad!!) playlist, I put it down to some of the tracks changing slightly over the year and the old version no longer being available or the URI having changed with introduction of new digitally enhanced version.
I should have checked if same tracks would play in the actual Spotify browser playlist, (rather than through Musicbox) but I didn’t, I just got so frustrated I started again and now have a Christmas 2016 playlist.

Hi Steve, thanks for sharing your experience. I’ll give it a shot using Mopidy, to have some comparison.