Spotify search always get stuck

Very happy with everything else, and nothing else in Spotify works well (my playlists and so on) - but each time I try to search for a artist or song - its just a never ending square.

I on the latest distro 0.5.8 and at a Rasb B+ connected with a D-Link wifidongle DWA125 . Any ideas what it could be? I don’t have any umlauts anywhere in pass or login.

Hope its ok to reply to my own question… I noticed that if SoundCloud is activated - searching doesn’t work.

Over and out.

Searching is a pain if several services are activated, how could this be solved?
Maybe a checkbox per service if it should be used for search!?

Anyway - I <3 MusicBox
thanx @Lasse_Nilsson for pointing the SoundCloud search out - now I can search Spotify - how great is that!

Hi @philler3000,
Please start a new topic or raise a bug at for the checkbox idea else it’ll get lost.

In the new version of the webclient, I already included a box to select the search service :slight_smile: Also, the search in soundloud is fixed too in the next version of Pi MusicBox