Spotify playlists disappearing

This is related to another question I had earlier.

I’m having some irritating problems with my spotify playlists. Every once in a while, all the playlists will just disappear. I originally attributed it to restarting the mopidy service, but now it just disappears when I don’t do anything. Eventually they will show up… A couple hours later? Maybe a day or two later?

Do you know what causes this? And is there a way to manually load the playlists?

Thank you!

So strange, no playlists after two days.

I’ve cleared the cache too.

What interface are you using, MPD or HTTP and which client? Did you try restarting the client / refreshing the page without touching mopidy? Did that bring the playlists back?


I have both musicbox_webclient and moped installed for my http clients. I also use MPoD for my mpd interface. All seem to mirror each other. When playlists are working, then I’ll see them in all clients.

How do you restart the client? I have refreshed musicbox_webclient and moped pages numerous times without touching mopidy. I’ve also tried restarting mopidy, restarting the computer, and deleting all of the playlists from spotify then adding one playlist back.

Another time the playlists disappearing… I don’t know why… It’s too strange

I am experiencing the same issue.

I think we are going to need some more help debugging this. Does it only effect Spotify playlists? Can you make them reappear if you make a playlist change in the official Spotify client or on Is there anything suspicious in your /var/log/mopidy/mopidy.log? What clients are you seeing this in? Are you running the latest versions of everything ?