Spotify playlist loading forever

Hi, I am well impressed with PiMusixbox running on a Pi3 with a hifiberry amp+ attached. I had it up and running in less than an hour.
My only problem was the lack of a proper text editor in 0.7rc5 - if someone could add gvim to the build repository that would be wonderful.

I know lots more about *nix than I know about Spotify, I only recently payed me money for a family accountm so that’s where I start to have problems.

I found my playlist loaded and music played with just my username and password in the settings.ini

I found that my personal Spotify playlists import OK - ie a playlist that I created on my phone, and added songs to it.

I found that if I then add another hand crafted playlist, the only way to get it to appear is to deleted /var/lib/mopidy/local-sqlite and reboot after that I see the new playlist ( restarting mopidy does not seem to do anything). I have scan_always=true and that does not seem to do anything either ( I think that is just for scanning local files).

I found that if I follow a SPOTIFY playlist eg 70’s rock or similar then it appeas in my Spotify playlists (on my plnone), but when I force a reload ( by moving local_sqlite and rebooting) no playlists load - a message appears saying in the playlist browser saying " loading spotifiy:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" which remains forever. (sorry did not save the exact message).

So my question -
is this expected behaviour?

I did not mean to make the last bit bold ( finger trouble I guess).
but that is as it happens the crux of my problem.

Unfortunately playlists created by Spotify themselves (New Releases etc), do not work. Spotify broke support for that.

Deleting /var/lib/mopidy/local-sqlite should have nothing to do with playlists, only local files. Anything to do with scanning is only for local files, correct. Restarting Mopidy (service mopidy restart) should always have the same effect as rebooting unless you want it to do a scan (for changes to your local music files), in which case rebooting is best.

If you create a new playlist using the official Spotify app/website then I think you need to restart Mopidy to get it to reliably appear in the playlists shown on PiMusicbox.

Hi, Thank you for the reply, yes it appears my only problem was Spotify created playlists.

Hi kingosticks,

is this still the case?