Create playlists from NAS, which path to use?


I’m trying to create a playlists on pi musicbox, but can’t find the proper spelling.
I created a **.m3u file in the /var/lib/mopidy/playlist directory and it is seen and read by pi music box, however whichever the ‘spelling’ used (something like //192.168.1.xx/music/folder/xx.mp3) using //192 or file://192 or whatever, the playlist is seen in pimusic box, the name of the audio file is visible, but the actual track is never found (or played).
Can someone point me to an example of a m3u file that work using pi music box with the music stored on a NAS?

All I can offer in the way of help is some observations. I’m having similar issues.

Mopidy playlists seem to be stored at /var/lib/mopidy/playlists. When I add a title to a playlist, say LC, the entry gets added to a file named simply ‘LC’. If I rename LC to LC.m3u then I can see the added tracks.

This of course is no satisfactory workaround. Seems like a Mopidy or MPD bug to me.

To clarify, I use pimusicbox on a Raspberry pi. It includes mopidy at version 0.19.5

IIRC this is how I did it:

Since the samba or NAS share is mounted at /music/Network the OS sees those files as though they were local files in that directory. So use the format inside the .m3u:


Thanks a lot Tot. That’s exactly what I was looking for. I read that but
did not get that by default in mopidy the samba was mounted as
/music/Network. Also I read somewhere that files should start by
file:/music… and as a matter of fact it works with or without the “file:”.
Finally I was hoping to import full folder but that does not seem direct.
Anyway problem solved!

If you want to make a full folder into a m3u list, then do

ls /music/Network/examplealbum > example.m3u

on the command line and a file will appear with all the songs in the folder you give. Note that they might not be in the order you want, depending on how the files are named.