How can I fill the queue? How to create playlists?


I have some basic questions:

  1. How can I fill the queue with stuff that I find the “Browse” section?

Whenever I click on something it is getting immediately played. I’m kind of missing the icon on the right with some playlist / queue management stuff (enqueue next / enqueue last / play now ).

  1. How can I create/manage playlists?

I’m using a fresh MusicBox 0.51 installation.


  1. You are totally correct, the queue tools functionality is unfortunately currently missing from musicbox-webclient browse section. I don’t think there is any reason other than nobody having bothered to implement it yet.

  2. I am afraid playlist management is not currently available (but it is planned for the future). In the meantime you have to use an external playlist program or manually create m3u playlists for your local files, and manage your spotify/gmusic/etc playlists using their (web)clients.

Hi every one,
I want add the cool disk files to the queue using http command in the simple REST client. Is it possible?