<solved> How to persist radio stations?


when I enter a radio station on the Radio page of Pi MusicBox, it is played, but on a restart this radio station is gone.

Also, the newly added station only is listed in the browser that I used to add it. Opening the Pi MusicBox pages on a different computer shows the radio station in Now Playing, but not in Radio.

This is somehow expected behavior, because of this statement that you can read on the Radio page:

The last 25 stations are saved locally (not on the server yet).

There are 8 pre-configured radio stations listed on Radio. These must be defined somewhere. So, I searched my Pi MusicBox for a file that contains the URL of a radio station that is pre-configured. My search (find / ! -type d -exec grep -H vprbbc24 {} \; 2> /dev/null, “vprbbc24” is a token of the URL of the “BBC WorldService” streaming URL) listed /boot/config/radiostations.js and /opt/webclient/js/radiostations.js. The latter is a symlink to the first one, which perfectly makes sense.

I edited /boot/config/radiostations.js using nano directly on the RaspBerry Pi. I put // in front of all existing all existing stations and added new lines for my own. But it makes no difference to page Radio. I even rebooted the Raspberry Pi – to no avail: Page Radio still looks I didn’t change anything… File radiostations.js is not resetted by a reboot. I still see the radio stations listed that I entered before.

Content of /boot/config/radiostations.js on my system:

root@MusicBox:~# cat /boot/config/radiostations.js

  • Default Radiostations which appear in the webinterface. Edit if you like.
  • Take care when editting. Only edit the stuff between ‘’
  • And don’t use the default Windows Notepad for this (use Notepad++ on Windows)

var radioStations = [];
//fill with defaults
// radioStations.push([‘NPR 24’, ‘http://nprdmp.ic.llnwd.net/stream/nprdmp_live01_mp3’]);
// radioStations.push([‘3FM Dutch’, ‘http://icecast.omroep.nl/3fm-bb-mp3’]);
// radioStations.push([‘BBC WorldService’, ‘http://vprbbc.streamguys.net:8000/vprbbc24.mp3’]);
// radioStations.push([‘Arrow Jazz’, ‘’]);
// radioStations.push([‘PBS Australia’, ‘http://eno.emit.com:8000/pbsfm_live_64.mp3’]);
// radioStations.push([‘Groove Salad - Soma FM’, ‘http://somafm.com/groovesalad.pls’]);
// radioStations.push([‘Kiss FM Berlin’, ‘http://stream.kissfm.de/kissfm/mp3-128/internetradio/’]);
// radioStations.push([‘Pinguin Radio’, ‘http://pr320.pinguinradio.com/listen.pls’]);
radioStations.push([‘FRITZ! vom rbb’, ‘http://rbb-mp3-fritz-m.akacast.akamaistream.net/7/799/292093/v1/gnl.akacast.akamaistream.net/rbb_mp3_fritz_m’]);
radioStations.push([‘FRITZ! vom rbb (Alternative)’, ‘http://rbb.ic.llnwd.net/stream/rbb_fritz_mp3_m_a’]);
radioStations.push([‘Deutschlandfunk’, ‘http://www.dradio.de/streaming/dlf_hq_ogg.m3u’]);
radioStations.push([‘Deutschlandradio Kultur’, ‘http://www.dradio.de/streaming/dkultur_hq_ogg.m3u’]);
radioStations.push([‘Deutschlandradio Wissen’, ‘http://www.dradio.de/streaming/dradiowissen_hq_ogg.m3u’]);
radioStations.push([‘SWR3’, ‘http://mp3-live.swr3.de/swr3_m.m3u’]);
radioStations.push([‘SWR2’, ‘http://mp3-live.swr.de/swr2_m.m3u’]);
radioStations.push([‘SWR Info’, ‘http://mp3-live.swr.de/swrinfo_m.m3u’]);

It is quite tedious to enter the streaming URLs each time I want to listen to my favorite radio station.
Advices are greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance,


Is it possible to select my radio stations on MPDroid or BubblePnP?

This should work indeed. Did you clear the cache of the browser? I created the symlink to make it easy to edit the radiostations.js on the SD-card, for non-Linux-users.


Oh, indeed, cleaning out all historic information in Firefox did the trick.
Thanks a ton, Wouter!


Hi slowjoe,

I also wanted to edit the default radiostations. I found the file in


But if i changed the file, in the webinterface nothing changed. I deleted all browserdata and restarted the service … but nothing happens. Do you have any idea?


According to the file that you are referring to, I assume that you are not using Pi Musicbox, are you?
At least, I modified a different file. Is there no ‘radiostations.js’ on your system?

Usually a browser allows to force reloads of all data, e.g. by pressing Ctrl + F5. This should help as well.


Hi slowjoe,

Thx for your input.
Now it works!



When redoing the system starting with a plain MusicBox 0.5.3 image I noticed the following:

  • radiostations.js is called streamuris.js in version 0.5.3. @sunni2002yout already referred to this new filename.
  • Firefox stores a cookie named streamuris (or similar), which needs to be cleared. For some reason in the MusicBox web UI key handlers seem to interfere with common keyboard strokes like ‘Ctrl + F5’. I cannot trigger a full refresh of the page by pressing ‘Ctrl + F5’!


I think I merged a fix from someone for key handling in Firefox so that
should be fixed in the next version of musicbox-webclient.


Has the file been moved in the past 2 years? Because it’s not there :frowning:
I would love to edit the list as well, but can’t seem to find the file.
The command to find the string stated by TS is running for 3 hours now without any result.


Yes, see the release notes for details https://github.com/pimusicbox/pimusicbox/releases/tag/v0.7.0RC3


You can also edit the list from the streams menu in the webclient. If you have further problems please start a new thread.


guys to edit first you should get the putty on pc (win 10)/search on the phone with an app called network scanner your pimusicbox ip /enter in putty /login with name-root password musicbox /in the console type sudo mc /search in music a file at the bottom called playlist/enter in that/than you have radio streams /f4 on that/edit and save with ctrl+x and y
have fun ,ryks