Add "now playing" for radio stations (streams)

Hi, I’ve built a Pi Musicbox and very pleased with it. I want to extend the “now playing” page to show at least the radio station logo and also, if possible, the track that is currently playing. I was thinking of extending streamuris.js to include additional URIs for the station logo and for a “playing now” service, if there is one.

Has anyone already attempted this? Can anyone offer some suggestions or advice (is there a better way?)

Rompr does this, but it’s an external web application.

With TuneIn stations (and probably other backends), if you play them from the search or browse page you should get both station logos and now playing information (where available). If you are playing from streamuris saved stations then I don’t think that works quite the same. It might not do the necessary lookup before playing, I can’t remember exactly.

Additionally, some stations have the now playing metadata embedded within the stream itself and the webclient needs to listen and react to stream_title_changed events; this event was new in Mopidy v1.0 and musicbox-webclient doesn’t support this yet.

I’d be hesitant to spend much time on anything specific to streamuris.js; Mopidy has now got much better support for local playlists and musicbox-webclient needs to start using this instead. I’ve not got the time to look at it myself right now so I’m hoping someone else will have a go…

Thanks. I think I’ll just park the idea for now - I don’t think my favourite radio station (Radio Swiss Jazz) broadcasts the now-playing information anyway and, although they do have an API, its not published for public use.

Yes they do, at least in the AACP stream I tried from

Slight bump. n00b here…very impressed with this project; working within a few minutes; love it.

Metadata to webclients would be much appreciated (I am using SomaFM mostly, and I know they supply metadata somehow).

THANKS for a great project,

Significant bump…

Yeah is there away to add SomaFM “Now Playing” to PiMB? I use it a lot too but right now all it shows in PiMB is the radio station name and nothing else.

Hi all,

Thanks for Mopidy, much appreciated.

I think I’ll take a look. I used a python script to update conky when my computer was playing It should be possible to fork musicbox-webclient with an updating “now playing” from JSON… I’ll let you know.


I´m not sure if I understand the whole discussion.
I was searching for an answer why my Mopidy Touchscreen plays Radiostreams, but it shows no Stationname or anything else in the “Now Playing” Tab. Even the “Volumebar” disappears if I am playing an radiostream. If I playback an local MP3 File, everything in “Now playing” is fine. Songtitle, Volume … is displayed correctly.

Is it not an error in my configuration rather a not implemented feature in Mopidy (Touch)

Thanks for your tipp…

This is a bug in Mopidy-Touchscreen. It is already fixed in the development version. You can get the development version from github.

Thanks 9and3r!

I updated the Mopidy-Touch Files to the Developmentversion and it works! Now the “Now Playing”-Tab
shows Stream-Information and the other stuff like Volumebar!

Good Work. Thanks for this nice Plugin “Mopidy Touchscreen”…