How to store radio station into Favorites?


I have successfully set up the PI Musicbox and start using TuneIn radio stations.
Maybe I am missing something, but I would like to store a radio station list into a Favorites channel and I can’t find how…

I have seen I can move the Queue list into favorites, but in that list there are a bunch of radio stations, not only the one I selected.

Sorry if the question is trivial…


Visit the streams page, click “get currently playing” then click “save”. That will save the stream/track in the special “Musicbox Favourites” playlist. That playlist has some default stations added, if you don’t want those defaults then just remove them (again, visit the streams page).

Alternatively, in the Queue page, remove everything form the queue except the station you want to save, and then select the “Save queue to playlist” button and enter a custom playlist name. You cannot edit a custom playlist like this through the Musicbox-Webclient interface but you can find the playlist files at /music/playlists and edit them manually using a text editor.

Hi, thank you very much for your kind answer. Clear and useful!

Just one issue, I don’t know how to remove single entries in the Musicbox Favorites list (the default ones), and in the queue list. Should I edit in terminal?

The current favourites are listed on the right. If you click the x next to each one it should remove it.

Sorry, fixed. Thank you very much!