Solutions for listening to Mixcloud?

Hey there all.

was getting excited about setting up mopidy for my office as we listen to a lot of music from a variety of services and we were looking for a solution that freed up our pcs from streaming via chromecast.

Got myself a raspberry pi and set it up with Mopidy. Installed support for Spotify, Soundcloud etc and all worked very well. Then discovered that Mixcloud was not supported. I believe this is because Mixcloud does not provide a public streaming API.

So what have been your solutions to getting round this issue. For us it’s a real problem as we listen to a lot of stuff off mixcloud. I tried getting the streaming URL from mixcloud and passing it to Mopidy (via musicbox frontend streams section) to no effect.

Does anyone have any way to use mixcloud with mopidy, or at the last be able to serve mixcloud from the same raspberry pi that also runs mopidy?


You might want to check out You can pass the mixcloud URL to that and it will find the data stream containing the audio.

I just wrote a plugin for mixcloud.