Spotify radio support

Hi all,

We just set up Pi MusicBox on our RPi 2 at work, after some issues with vanilla Mopidy. It works great, but we’re big fans of the radio feature in Spotify (mainly artist radio). Unless I’m missing something, it doesn’t look like there’s a way to access it from the MusicBox UI. So, I guess my questions would be:

  1. Is there a button I’m missing?
  2. If not, is support for Spotify Radio planned?
  3. If not, I assume I can still use a Mopidy frontend that does support it, even though I’m using Pi MusicBox?



The Spotify radio features are not available in libspotify (which pyspotify+mopidy-spotify use) as they (Spotify) removed it and are focused on their web API.

I believe the mopify frontend supports radio (and many other Spotify-centric features via the web API) but the frontend currently only supports Spotify and you won’t be able to use it for controlling local/gmusic/soundcloud/whatever music. mopify isn’t compatible with the static_dir method of configuring a webclient so you need to fiddle around a bit. If you comment out the static_dir option in your settings that should then land you at the webclient selection page where you can choose mopify/musicbox-webclient/moped etc as you want. Making mopify the default is slightly trickier and probably depends on exactly what version of musicbox you are using. Making it simpler is a planned improvement.

Yeah, I seem to remember being able to use Spotify radio on our vanilla Raspbian + Mopidy + Mopify. However, we were getting audio stalls on our RPi 2, which prompted me to install Pi Musicbox in the first place. So the only real difference would be that I need to enable SSH, unset static_dir and use pip to install Mopify?

Yes, although I think Mopify may already be installed, can’t remember.

I’m a bit surprised to hear of any audio issues with vanilla raspbian and
Mopidy. Are you using a USB soundcard?

It’s already installed indeed. However, if I comment out static_dir, I get these options:

  • kuechenradio
  • moped
  • settings
  • simple-webclient
  • sqlite

I guess it’s looking in the wrong dir now?

By the way, this is version 0.6 RC.

Oh, and we just have a vanilla RPi 2 without a USB soundcard.

Never mind. Looks like upgrading all mopidy_* packages and restarting the service again fixed it.

So presumably you are now on Mopidy v1.0. Which is probably fine, but keep in mind
that is beyond what Musicbox officially supports.

Yeah, it doesn’t seem very stable unfortunately.