Mopidy + Spotify Connect / Raspotify


Hey there,

I’m wondering what the recent options are of how to get Raspberry Pi working with Mopidy AND Spotify Connect. I love both and don’t wanna miss one.

My setup consists of a Raspberry Pi 3 with the HiFiBerry Amp 2 connected. I’m running Mopidy 2.1 with Mopidy-Spotify and TuneIn backend extensions, which works like a charm. Parallel to this installation I’m running Raspotify which leverages librespot and enables the use of Spotify Connect. Raspotify also works like a charm - if I run it separately…

Once one of both is running and playing music I’m not able to start playing the other one. In order to play music using Spotify Connect I need to manually stop the mopidy server and vice versa.

Does anybody have an idea of how to get both running together seamlessly. Or is there another way of how to integrate Spotify Connect with Mopidy?


Pimusicbox uses the librespot onevent handler to issue a MPD stop command to Mopidy when librespot playback starts. You could also configure an ALSA dmix device to allow both programs to output to the soundcard at the same time (but you’d still need to remember to stop and start them both to avoid a garbled mess).