Album artwork missing

I have just installed the webclient on my raspberry pi. Love the interface! Much faster than anything I’ve tried before.
The only problem i’m experiencing so far is that there are no artwork showing up for the albums. I’ve read it’s supposed to be fetched from but in my collection they’re all blank. Is this because I’m browsing my local files?
I have not installed the full PiMusicBox images, just mopidy and the webextension from github.

I think that lookup is done locally in your browser, you could try looking in the developer console and see if there are any errors etc. Without more info I doubt anyone will be able to help you with this.

I think you need this extension installed in order to see the album artwork in the interface.

There is no artwork available in the ‘browse’ interface but it should show up in searches, playlists, queue etc. I.e. Everywhere else. This is handled mostly be I don’t think the local-images extension will change the behaviour you see, but IIRC it can stop musicbox from booting correctly (a bug in how we don’t parse extension names containing underscores) so I wouldn’t suggest that.

Yikes! I haven’t encountered that problem yet although I seldom reboot my musicbox.

I’ve added quite a bit of songs to it since the last reboot so I’mma go ahead and disable that before I bork my installation yet again.

It you don’t add a section for the extension to your settings.ini you are entirely safe.