Songs loading very slow (Spotify)


freshly installed musicbox on my pi3. If I browse to http://[IP]/mopify and chose a song to be played, it takes about 5 minutes until it starts playing. Searching doesn’t work at all.

Is anyone else having this issue?

The file /etc/mopidy.log has a ton of warning about some javascript files ("/settings/…", but in other forums they say its normal) and a warning about “element doesn’t implement handling of this stream” (which might be related to dirble).

Did I do anything wrong?

I appreciate every help.
Thank you

Those warnings and messages in /var/log/mopidy/mopidy.log can be ignored.

Do you see the same problems with the default webclient or is this mopify specific?

The default webclient (http://[IP]) isn’t really responsive (loading tracks) as well. But then I wasn’t even logged into spotify.

I think it was using youtube music on the default webclient and I thought its related to that music.

Do you think it might be the internet speed? I will give it a try tonight.

Thank you for answering!!

I would suggest you disable youtube (the search is broken right now anyway) and log into Spotify properly by entering all the required credentials in settings.ini / websettings and go from there with the default webclient.