Running frontend on same Rasperry Pi 3 as Mopidy


I am a C#/Windows developer with not much experience with Linux/Raspberry Pi, so maybe my question is a completely newbie :slight_smile:

I have installed a Pi MusicBox distribution on my Raspberry Pi 3, and everything seems to work fine when I connect to it from any device on my local network.

My question is. Is it possible to run the frontend/Ui itself on the same raspberry Pi. Said in another way. I want to run a standalone music system using only the Raspberry Pi 3 with a monitor, mouse and keyboard connected.




I’m not a Linux guru or a web developer, just a former Windows/C++ developer who does IT for Windows platforms. But why not just use the browser to point to localhost ( and call it done?

Yaaa, the url is not the problem :-). I need a browser. I think the distribution is just a server without any Ui/browser. But maybee I am wrong?

You are right. If you install the Web browser it should pull in all the graphical dependencies. You’ll need to also increase the graphics memory allocated in /boot/config.txt and make it start the graphical environment on boot, can’t remember how this is done on wheezy, maybe just add startx to /etc/rc.local?

It isn’t as simple as it first looks, if there’s an easier way I would be interested, spent a while yesterday setting it up, instructions below for anybody interested.
I don’t think just installing the browser is enough, from my experience you need to get the necessary startx and gui files in place as well.
I have updated and rebooted through process quite a few times - not sure if necessary but it worked.
I have used an 8gb card with musicbox 0.7rc4 installed - I may have fitted on 4gb but didn’t want to run out of space.
I haven’t changed the graphics memory and am starting the graphic interface by using startx at the prompt.

It’s not recommended to use a browser as root (Chromium, my choice of browser displays error message) so you need a new user.

This is all done via SSH
log in as root/musicbox
sudo apt-get update

Set up new user with sudo privileges
sudo adduser _username_
Password (Twice)
For sudo privileges
sudo visudo
go down to
root ALL
and enter your username and
username ALL=(ALL) ALL
Save with CTRL+O, then CTRL+X
Log in as new sudo user

Follow this page for your choice of GUI and installing x. I started from Part 2 - Bring in the furniture.

sudo apt-get install --no-install-recommends xserver-xorg
As lightdm showed error message on install I also installed
sudo apt-get install --no-install-recommends xinit

Choose your preferred GUI, I went for LXDE as PIXEL didn’t work very well.
sudo apt-get install lxde-core lxappearance

sudo apt-get update and reboot, log in as user.

Try again with lightdm - but it appears to work without it.
sudo apt-get install lightdm

Sudo Reboot & login as user again

Install browser - I went for chromium
sudo apt-get install chromium


Go to terminal, log in as user, then startx desktop appears choose your browser from list and try to open musicbox.local or the ip address. It didn’t work straight away and I think I finally had to use before it found it.

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Well, I started with a full Jessie installation, hooked up the HiFiBerry, installed Mopidy then MusicBox. It works fine on a Pi3. It is possible to put them all together. It might be more straightforward to start with Jessie and bypass Pi MusicBox.