Is there a native browser in PI Musicbox

Is there a native browser in the Pi Musicbox configuration, or a similar facility to access the Musicbox menus?

I want to control the Musicbox directly from the PI with an HDI display/keyboard/mouse, rather than a remote browser.

If there is such an integral browser can someone supply the step by step instructions to start it.

I have logged in and I am sitting at the “root@musicbox:” prompt.

I have some programming experience but no experience in a Linux environment.


No we don’t have that. All the user interface software is removed to keep the image small. You’d have to reinstall it and to be honest the desktop experience that comes with debian wheezy isn’t very nice.

Thank you,

The Musicbox works great, but I did notice a serious degradation of HTML/wifi response time after I connected an HDMI display. I’ll abandon the integral browser idea (and HDMI display) and look at other ways to accomplish my needs.