MPD client Android with a better focus on spotify


New user, new questions, sorry about that :stuck_out_tongue:

Is there a MPD client app for Android wich is more focused on spotify, searches and playlists and that kind of use?

I like the webclient-GUI of musicbox, but it would be way better as an app. Volume control mapped to the phone, long-press for context menu etc.


You could try mopidy-mobile (a native Web app) or perhaps remotedly? I
don’t think either are focused around Spotify (only mopidy-mopify can offer
that) but they might support the volume integration.

Thanks, i’ll look into that!


Has anyone tried Remotedy? Of course it looks promising, when it is not working… :stuck_out_tongue:

I can not get it to work, it just says “no player connection”. Have tried enabling zeroconf, adding manually with name, ip and port (both 6600 and 6680)

“Name”, this is whatever i want? Since the app also ask for IP, there is no way it should be a DNS or something…

Does anyone know of a forum/support for the app? I have looked, cant find it…


Having just tried it again myself it seems the zeroconf support is trying
to use port 8080, which is wrong. I added a new connection using the ip and
the correct port (6680) and it worked just fine. I’m not sure how to raise
bugs with the app, maybe you have to leave a review.

Strange, i can not for the life of me make it work, not with my phone or a tablet, with diff in Android versions.

How do you verify that Zerconf is working properly on the musicbox, and is it always mandatory for Remotedy? I did a “scan” and saw the musicbox in the network. This was a bonjour scaner, but i believe it is the same thing?

What version of musicbox are you using? I am on the “stable” 0.6 image.



It’s not mandatory. The idea is to ignore the zeroconf /bonjour players it
finds and create your own. So when they error message shows (and greys out
the screen) you can still access the app drawer (top left), goto settings
and add a new player manually.

Yeah, i thougt so. Strange that it refuse to work across units… Wrote an email to the developer, maybe he responds.

Are there any “big” fixes in the nightly builds? (If you have nightlies)


I’m the author of the Remotedy app.

Remotedy uses the HTTP JSON-RPC API of Mopidy. It does not use the MPD API.
So make sure you have configured HTTP in the mopidy.conf.

If zeroconf is used, manual setup in Remotedy is not needed.
For zeroconf:
Remotedy uses the string set for “zeroconf” in the http section in mopidy.conf to name the Player.
Also make sure to set “hostname” to "::"
Here is an example of a http section for mopidy.conf:
enabled = true
hostname = ::
port = 6680
static_dir =
zeroconf = Living room

If zeroconf is not enabled on the player, manual settings in Remotedy can be used instead:
“Name” is the name you want to use to identify the player, for instance Living room
"IP-Address" and “Port” is the IP-Address and port to the player.

If the “No player connection” error screen is shown in Remotedy, it is possible to manually add a new player by selecting: “Player Settings”.


Thanks a bunch for the reply.

I have done everything as described, but nothing seems to work. I am manually giving correct ip and port, but still no go, and zeroconf is also enabled but it is not autodetected. I will look into this API on my musicbox, make sure it is enabled.

I can see the Zeroconf string in the mentioned bonjour scanner software i tested, so i believe Zeroconf advertises correctly troughout my network, but I will also isolate phone and musicbox in a different “lab” network, just in case i have something local messing this up…


I sniffed the traffic going to the musicbox, and i found the link remotedy is communicating trough.

I can see the response from the webservice is: Can “Upgrade” only to “WebSocket”.

Is this what i should expect to see behind: ?

Looks like musicbox is running mopidy v 0.19.5 , is’n this fairly old? Looks like version 1.0.5 is the current. Can i upgrade safely somehow?


Remotedy only support Mopidy v1.0 and higher since Remotedy v1.0.8.

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Oh really, that’s a shame. Musicbox doesn’t yet officially support v1.x. I
think there is an unofficial guide to upgrading on the musicbox github
project. A new musicbox release will be along shortly anyway.

I was using the latest mopidy release when I had issues with it using the
wrong port. The settings should be correct, there are probably a few
zeroconf services advertised on that machine, could it have gotten

The Mopidy Core API v1.0 and later, is not backwards compatible with pre v1.0.
Since a number of users use Mopidy in other distributions as well, Remotedy had to follow.

Yes, upgrading Musicbox to latest Mopidy is a good idea.
Currently v1.0.5 is the latest Mopidy release and contain a number of bug fixes since v1.0 got introduced in March.

Just out of curiosity: have you tried Mopidy-Mobile with your setting? It should work with Mopidy v0.19.x, hasn’t been tested that much, though…

Mopidy 1.0 only breaks the backend API. The core API has only additions in
1.0. Thus, if you program against the 0.19 core API your client should work
with both 0.19 and 1.0.

Some of the stuff available in 0.19 for Core API was removed in 1.0 such as on_error_step.

Yes, you are right about that. There was a couple of undocumented
meant-to-be-internal things that was removed from the core API in 1.0.

Interestingly, mopidy mobile doesn’t see my system advertised. I think I
need to look into exactly what zeroconf is up to here.

tkem: Yes, i have tested it. I am however looking for a good app to do it. Don’t know why, web-pages on a phone/tablet seems not integrated enough for me.

Also, i am looking for something with a good WAF. Wife obviously wants something simple that always works, and she claims “nothing ever works”. I once tried to tell her everything works as supposed, but that she needs to learn what not to do where, and in combination with this and that, and what to do if something should crash. I wont be trying that approach again :stuck_out_tongue:

Noticed that there are some work being done on spotify connect. Dont know if that would find its way to mopidy, but the WAF on that one would be very high, and then we are truly talking about a sonos-killer.

Tried to upgrade using apt, but it failed. Think i broke it… i will see if i can salvage it as is, but i think i poked in too many places trying to fix the dpgk-errors, so an re-flash would be easier. (But not as educational)

Thanks for all replies