MPDroid failing to connect to Pi MusicBox

I have just installed my first ever Pi MusicBox—very exciting! Installation went all according to plan, Spotify playlists loaded without a trouble (despite a couple of warnings and FAIL messages during startup).

However, I’m failing to get MPDroid to find my installation. I’ve tried both http://musicbox.local and the actual ip address ( In both cases, I get the following messages:

Connection Failed. Connection to MPD_Server failed! Check if the Server is running and reachable. (Unable to resove host": No address associated with hostname)

I’ve tried with and without setting the password. The box itself is connected to the network via a LAN cable.

I have no trouble connecting to the installation via the web interface, either via LAN or over WiFi.

Any help gratefully received!

You don't include 'http://' when connecting with Mpdroid (or any other mpd client)

Thanks. I also discovered that MPDroid had two sets of network settings—I had corrected the wrong one. Everything works now.

I see the same issue.
Host set to, all other options left as default.
Connection failed! Check if the Server is running… (failed to connect to (port 6600) …

Raspberry Pi A+ running latest version of Pi Musicbox. Connecting from MPDroid on Galaxy Note3, Android 5.0

Does the webclient work for you? Can you telnet to