Can't connect MPD & Can't use spotify pimusicbox

Hello there,

Let me first tell you guys my concept of what I’m working on, because maybe you guys have better approaches then what I’m trying right now. This is my graduation project for my bachelor of industrial design btw.

I want to make a physical musical suggestions device, now and then it will give you a musical suggestion based on your spotify usage. (bassically a physical discover weekly) It will give this every now and then and will use machine learning to detect what moments should have the highest chance of receiving a musical suggestion. This suggestion will have to be played through physical interaction. That is my concept in short.

Now to my problem, I thought about trying out mopidy-spotify to be able to wizard of oz my concept and user test it, but I cannot get the mpd to work. It will give the same error on mpdroid wether or not the server is actually running. Connected failed: ECONNREFUSED. I have tried multiple things that have been stated on this forum but I simply can’t make it work.

After that I thought lets make it even easier and use the pimusicbox, to give even less controll in my own hands to fuck things up. Which works, I can use the web interface, but nothing from spotify works on there, I dont have my playlists cant use browse or search.

I hope you guys can help me cause I have been pulling my hairs for the last few days.

With kind regards,
Peter Roosen a frustrated student

With your normal (non-pimusicbox) Mopidy installation did you set the mpd hostname correctly as per the documentation at ?

Please post your config using mopidy config (or sudo mopidyctl config if running the service).

I think I found the error in mpd, My hostname was wrong installed indeed. But a friend gave me an advice to work with http requests since it’s easier to create myself.

However I have barely any experience with this. Does any of you have any example programs for this? Or approach on how they made physical interaction for mopidy.

Take a look at

I have actually been looking at that all day tbh, but haven’t translated the abracadabra to english yet. I should probably just try and run those examples on there, but it is quite the hasle constantly changing my keyboard and mouse to my pi.

If you enable SSH access you can connect to the pi from your normal computer and save yourself that hassle.