Queue confusion - solved

Evening all

I moved over to musicbox from kodi yesterday and think I am getting the hang of it.

My music is stored on a nas and I have no trouble connecting and playing tracks. I do, however, have problems with the queue using the web interface on an iPhone.

When I select a track via the browse menu the whole album is played. This is fine in the first instance but not helpful when browsing and looking to queue up the next song.

I have read a tutorial for a ‘party’ set up which looks to have the answer but the links within are dead. In my searching I have also found reference to ‘three dots’ for each track (which presumably open a menu for the next action). My files do not have three dots. Am I missing something?

Also, finally, what do the knife and fork mean??

Thanks in advance for any help/advice you can provide.


If you take a look at the Mopidy-Musicbox-Webclient README you’ll see the track select behaviour is configurable via on_track_click. You’ll also see an example of the pop-up menu in top right corner of the screenshot, this menu appears when you click a track’s “three dots” icon that’s shown to the right. I’m not 100% sure it appears for tracks in “Browse -> File” but it certainly does for “Browse -> Local media” and everything else.

The knife and fork icon controls consume mode. Those icons all have tool-tips but I suppose you don’t get tool-tips on mobile browsers.

Ah, thank you. Got it now.

The three dots shows as a play symbol within a circle.