Changing queue and play now

hi, hoping someone can help me change how to queue a track via the webclient. At present default is play now, but I’d like to change this to add track to bottom of queue. This will stop, when multiple people are connected, playlists being wiped.

We don’t currently have a configurable way to change this but it has been
requested a few times previously so it’s worth doing. Having said that I
can’t find an issue so feel free to create on at

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The option is there when you have the web page open and have your tracks listed there is an ! mark on the right of the track listing, if you click that you get options to add to current, add to bottom or add all to bottom of playlist. Is that what you are looking for or are you looking to make add to bottom the only option?

The OP wants to change the default.

p.s. It’s actually three vertical dots rather than an exclamation mark :smile:

Oh right thanks - should have gone to specsavers :grinning:

cheers, I’ll get one set up.