Edit web files in MusicBox

Hello - I just used MusicBox last night for a party. I disabled everything except for Spotify and let everyone connect to the web client using their phones to add music to the que.

I ran into a lot of issues. By default, when you click/tap on a song, it will add the entire album/artist/playlist instead of just that one song. When using a touch screen device this is almost impossible to avoid because it gives you no confirmation or anything. Plus when you are scrolling thru a list on a touch screen device, it almost always presses a song while trying to scroll.

Obviously as people get more inebriated they will be more likely to press a song instead of “Adding it to the bottom of the que”. If there was some sort of php/html/css files that I could edit to remove the onclick="return playTrackByUri tag and force the users to click on the Song’s sub-menu and then add it to the bottom of the que, this would work perfectly.

If this is possible, let me know please! Also, where can I download 0.5.1 beta? The guide only gives links to 0.5.

Thanks again…

Oh no, I bet that was very frustrating. But top marks for trying it in that setting!

There is a topic somewhere on here for a change like that and even a Pull Request on the github page for changing the default click behavior. I personally think it's a good idea and maybe you can submit your own patch to implement it.


Thanks a lot.

To let you know the feedback, EVERYONE loved the ability to add songs to the que. It turned into a drinking game if someone messed up the que. Some of the other guys who host parties were asking for me to set this system up in their house as well.

I will try out the 0.5.1 beta because I see it adds support to drop in youtube links. Most people were finding songs on youtube, then searching for it on MusicBox. If they can link directly to youtube, they will enjoy it even more.

I got that fixed. Now when swipe it only adds one song… I wonder if there is a way to optimize this for mobile devices…

I’d like to offer some kind of setting for this, since many users ask for it (I don’t use it, but hey…) Don’t know how to include this sensibly yet though.