Problems with Musicbox V0.7 RC4

I’m trying to config Musicbox but have come up against a few problems which are most likely user error.

Local files play great but playback stops after each track, Same problem for Spotify.

Searching in Spotify Genres etc. works but I get a ‘no tracks found’ error when attempting to play anything, Same problem if I use Spotify web search.

Finally, How do I shutdown Musicbox properly before powering down the Pi?.

Thanks in advance for any help…

are you describing searching or browsing here? I don’t know what “searching in Spotify Genres” means. Searching and browsing are different. Searching should work. Browsing your “personal top tracks” I think is broken following Spotify’s change some time ago. The “Spotify Browse” section of Browsing I’m not 100% sure if that all currently works, the new releases bit does at least.

In the web client: System -> Shutdown.

Thanks for the reply,

I’ll try and explain the other two problems in a bit more detail.

I have albums stored locally in seperate folders, If I select the first track of an album it plays but does not carry on playing the next track, So each song has to be selected manually.

If I select Browse / Spotify Browse / Genres and Moods / Chill / Chill the playlists are listed but If one is selected E.G. ‘Classic Acoustic’ then I get a ‘no tracks found’ error.

Thanks again…

Are you browsing to select the track? The behaviour on selecting (clicking) a track depends on the value of the on_track_click setting, by default this is set to PLAY_ALL which means everything in the track listing will be added to the queue. So if you Browse to an album, select a track, it’ll add all the album tracks to the Queue and start playing the selected track. Do you see all the tracks in the Queue page? If you then go to the Now Playing page you’ll see 5 icons in the bottom left corner. The one that is a circle with a dot in the middle controls ‘single’ mode which will play just one track at a time. Is this accidentally enabled?

I’m afraid these Spotify Genre and moods ‘curated playlists’ do not work any more. Spotify changed their playlist API some time ago and broke all of these. This is true even in the latest Mopidy. I don’t know when we’ll get around to fixing them.

Hi kingosticks,

You were right ‘Single Mode’ was enabled…Don’t know how that happened, Must have been when I was playing around with the settings after I installed it, Anyway it’s working great now.
Thanks for clearing up the issue with Spotify, I really thought that was a config issue my end, Maybe it would be a good idea to remove the broken stuff for now, Never looks good when something doesn’t work even though it’s not this software’s fault.
I’ve only been using Musicbox for about a week but have already found it to be a really slick piece of software, Think I’ve got a lot more to learn yet though…


Glad to hear it.

Yes, I’ve not really considered removing it (since that software is maintained elsewhere) but it does make sense in this case since it’s not going to suddenly start working. Hopefully it’s simple to just hack that entry out of the spotify-web plugin, I’ll look into that. Cheers for the suggestion.