No entries in "Spotify Browse"

I have installed musicbox 5.1RC2. Personal Playlists are now showing correctly. But when I go to “Spotify Browse” und choose e.g. “Genres & Moods” the directory is empty. Same occured with RC1. Browsing in “Spotify” Personal Top Tracks and so on works fine.

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Spotify recently changed part of their Tunigo API and this consequently broke the mopidy-spotify-tunigo extension that provides the functionality you are describing (the Personal Top Tracks functionality comes from mopidy-spotify). python-tunigo has been fixed in version 0.1.3 but the latest musicbox release probably has an older version. If you can run mopidy deps you can see what version of tunigo you are running. You should be able to update your tunigo version by running pip install tunigo --upgrade and then restarting Mopidy or just rebooting.

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Thanks for your help. Installed was python-tunigo 0.1.2. So I upgraded it with
pip install tunigo --upgrade. All worked well and no errors were reported.
But rebooting was not possible. The system crashed.

Are you saying it now won’t boot? Or that it is now working?

No, it doesn’t boot.

Oh dear. I can only assume it's bad luck for it to crash and corrupt the image. Upgrading the package should obviously not have had any impact like this! Can you try again with a fresh image? A pain, I know.

It doesn’t really matter. I have (always?) a microSD-Card with PiMusicBox installed in stock. So I gave it a second try. I upgraded to tunigo 0.1.3 (and to requests 2.5.0 automatically). Then I didn’t reboot but switched off the power supply to the Pi. Power on again - waiting - wow: success.
Now all is working fine. Many thanks for your help.