Pi MusicBox + Kodi

Hello everyone,
I would like to ask are there anybody that try to instal Kodi on Pi MusicBox? Is it possible? Is it stable?

Thanks for all answers

Pimusicbox runs on Rasbian Wheezy which in theory makes it possible to use Kodi on it. There are some adjustments that you would need to do, however. For example the video memory split. But there might be other things that don’t come to mind now. Obviously the version of Kodi in the Wheezy repo is not going to be the latest or even the one before that. It is, however, possible to install Kodi from source or perhaps even from some Kodi repo.

Another solution (perhaps better) would be to install some Kodi OS (OSMC for example) and thus get a properly setup new version of the latest Kodi and then install the latest mopidy (newer than the one in Pimusicbox) on that.

Right now, I would concur - Install mopidy onto osmc. You'll lose some features of musicbox buy hopefully nothing you'll miss / can't work around.