Pi music box image not installed right

The image is about 600 mb in size. When I try to install the image onto the 32 GB SD card using Win32DiskImager, the image turns out to be only 41 mb in size the total size of the SD is only 55 mb after installation. This seems a bit odd since the image is a lot larger. Obviously musicbox doesn’t boot, it’s stuck on the 4 color splash screen. Does anyone know more about this?

I hope this forum is the right place to discuss errors, thanks in advance.

If you are looking at the disk in Windows then the disk sizes are about right - Windows does not see the Linux part on the card.
I’m not sure about the 4 colour splash screen, I’ve never noticed it.
Is the musicbox connected to your router?
Have you tried connecting to the musicbox in a browser using http://musicbox.local

Thanks for your response. The 4 color splash screen indicates that the OS is not booting. http://elinux.org/R-Pi_Troubleshooting#Coloured_splash_screen

The pi is connected to my router over cable but the led on the network port on the pi and on the router do not indicate traffic. Also the power led light on the pi stays red. There is no green led. I can’t ping the pi and it doesn’t show op in my DHCP leases.

Unfortunately all I can suggest is that you either try again, you will need to clean the card, format and then redo the image or if possible put the image on a different card and try that.
Although it’s not much help, I have found that while some cards work perfectly, others don’t, so the only way is to go through everything again. In my experience the musicbox image itself very rarely causes problems, it is quite often a card issue.

I just used a different card. 8GB this time instead of 32 GB. Same result sadly. The only thing i can think of is that it’s because I use a pi3B. I’ll just try Volumio or something. Thanks for your help.

Musicbox doesn’t support raspberry pi 3. But that wouldn’t impact you writing your sd card.

If you want to see the disk from a Linux point of view, you need to log on. This can be done by connecting a monitor + keyboard, or easier: enable the ssh from the options tab, and use putty to connect from your PC. (by default log in as root / musicbox).
Once you are in the command line type df -h
This will tell you the amounts or disk space, used and free.
On top you will probably see rootfs with 8 GB as side and 700M used.

About your second part: I had booting problems after I disconnected the USB drive without shutting down musicbox.
While you are in the command line, use the following commands to go to the log directory:
cd /var/log/mopidy less mopidy.log

Less is an easy way to look at files. You can use PgUp and PgDown to scroll, and ‘q’ to quit.
Perhaps this will help you (assuming that Linux has started).