Installing Image changes card size

I tried to search but didn’t see this issue on here. I am new to this so I am sure I am doing something wrong. I am using Win32 Disk Imager and a 64 gig micro SD. I write the image and then it changes the size of the card to 41 megs on the card and the total size of the card to 55 megs even though it is a 64 gig card. I would like to put a bunch of music on the card as well but 55 megs doesn’t give me much space even though I have a large card. Any ideas how I can get my music on the card as well as the image for PiMusicBox. I am working in Windows 7 if that helps. Sorry for the newb question, I have been banging my head on this for two days. Thanks!

That is correct if viewing in Windows, it doesn’t see the Linux part. If you get the musicbox up and running (assuming you are using a Rasp pi) then read through this post Accessing USB files on the Pi under Networks in Windows you can then transfer your files that way.

Couple of things you might want to think about before you transfer your music to the 64gb card;
ATM you can’t upgrade Musicbox in situ, you need to download and start fresh with a new image. If an upgrade becomes available this would mean you will have to start again and drag all your music to the upgraded disk.

Pimusicbox is an excellent system but does go wrong now and again, and you may need to rewrite the disk, if you take a back up copy using Win32 Disk imager it will save it as 64gb (no matter how little space you have used) and you will need that size or larger disk to put it back onto, each time seems to take about an hour to complete.

I started off like you using a large disk but soon came to the conclusion that a 4gb disk for the Pimusicbox OS and then save all my music to the 32gb card and use a usb connector to plug it into the Pi. This means I don’t need to redo everything when it goes wrong, I can just rewrite the small disk with PiMusicbox.