No working init on new install

Hi, I have just signed up so new around here.

I have spent today trying to install pimusicbox 0.6 with no or very little luck. I am using a working raspberrypi 2+ and have tried 2 different microsdcards and various pieces of software on linux to set up the card. The closet that I have is the inital start up of the system but then it stops with the following message at the bottom

Panic: No working init found, Try passing init= option in the kernel.

Entering kdb (current=0xbc890000, pid 1) on precessor 3 due to keyboard Entry

further up the page (at the top of the screen) I also see Kernel panic - not syncing: No working init found. try passing init= option in kernel

I am guessing at what these lines mean and have have tried numerous times with the same result as well as trying to do something with the keyboard. I have also followed the instructions to the letter and done a number of searches.

Any ideas or should I just try a previous release version.

Thanks in advance.

Good morning, I have had exactly the same issue this weekend, I don’t know enough about Linux to know what the warnings above mean, however the image (modified 0.6) works fine on 2 sd cards but on some very cheap Sandisk ones I bought recently it won’t work at all, it gets as far as yours does and stops.
The Sandisk cards were used previously in my phone, so that may have altered them in some way, but they were cleaned and partitioned prior to putting new image on.
Although the Sandisk ones are allegedly 8gb, they won’t take an 8gb image file as Win32 disk imager says they are not big enough
Not much help I’m afraid, but I have put it down to the disks being rubbish and will get some better ones over the next couple of days. Will let you know if that makes a difference.

I agree with @Steve_Lambert that this is very likely a sdcard issue. The normal method outlined on the raspberry pi website for writing sd cards should reliably produce you a working image. Some years ago I had problems with a particular model of Transcend SD cards but once I switched to something else I’ve never again seen these sorts of problems.

I doubt a previous release would help. Can you confirm that the official Raspbian images work ok with your sd card? Have you tried writing with a smaller block size?

After some messing about I can confirm that it was the SDcard which I since return to the shop and changed for a new one but no joy as that card didn’t even show up on two computer so I need to find a decent card to use. Maplin cards do not work!

I tried Raspian as well and that didn’t work.

Thanks for the suggestions.

It was actually Maplins where I got my useless Transcend cards from too! Such a useless shop, I really don’t know why I still even go in.

I finally used a 4gb Kingston card from ebay and it worked fine. I also bought an unbranded 4gb card from ebay and that worked, most frustrating thing though is that they are different sizes.
I got a working image on the kingston card then saved that to pc, thought I would put that image on the unbranded disk and it wouldn’t fit, so had to start all over again on the unbranded one.