Next Release of MusicBox


I was wondering when there will be a new release of MusicBox.

Sometime last year I read that the upcoming release will be based on Mopidy 1.0 which was in beta then, iirc. Today, Mopidy is well in the 1.x version range and also the musicbox web client was updated since then but no public release of MusicBox was made yet.

Is there are roadmap of what kind of features are planned to be included or are currently in development for the next release?


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Hi Jochen,
The short answer is as soon as we can, there is nothing blocking a release except a shortage of time to work on it. I’ll have more spare time soon, this has been a busy few months for me.

Mopidy development moves forward at such an incredible pace that we are indeed now way behind and I am keen to catch up and make use of all the improvements. Musicbox-webclient is comparatively trivial to test (and easy to upgrade buggy releases) so that will tend to be released more often.

The github project has some milestones but it’s probably outdated. Even managing those takes time away from other things.