Pi MusicBox Version

Hi there !

I’m pretty new here and amazed by the goldmine I just discovered here…
So first a BIG UP to you guys, amazing work !!

So my very simple first question might sound a bit dumb but… is there anywhere I can know exactly which version of PiMusicBox am I currently running ?
Could not find it on the WebUI, neither by SSH-ing to the box.

I kind of know that I’ve installed the last “stable” (0.5) but still, when playing with pre-releases, you might forget exactly where you were at… :slight_smile:

Cheers !!

This is a good idea but I don’t think there is currently any way to tell exactly what version you are running. You can see roughly what you’ve got by looking in changes.txt (lives in the same folder as settings.ini). You could make this suggestion on https://github.com/woutervanwijk/Pi-Musicbox/issues

It’s in /etc/issue. I could add it to the login prompt…

Could the Web client somehow display it?

I was thinking about enhancing mopidy-websettings so that it would give some info on a couple of things, e.g. the system indeed, or logs in a dynamically created javascript/json/whatever. Then the webclient could read those values and display them

+1 for mopidy logs viewable in the browser. That would be so very useful when users are reporting problems. Can you just use mopidy-websettings to expose the root logger or even set Mopidy’s existing logging to use HTTPHandler (https://docs.python.org/2/library/logging.handlers.html#httphandler) and send it to musicbox-webclient frontend?

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Before 0.5 a way to view the log was included, but it was a bit hackish… Maybe we could create an extension which let the user view some preset log files in the webclient or something. I’d love to have 48 hours in a day…