Network share: Only 1 of 3 directories indexed

I connected my Pi MusicBox to a Samba share on a separate Linux server. This share contains 3 directories. Only one of them is indexed when the mopidy process in top returns to normal CPU usage. The directory indexed is the second when ordered alphabetically, but the first one when ordered by created timestamp.
Is there a log file that provides some details on what happens when the network share is indexed?

There must be some location where I can find diagnostic information…

Try /var/log/mopidy/mopidy.log - I think that is where it should show up, though I’ve not run a musicbox myself to check. Though, I should indeed check if the logging config file is correctly handled for the file scanning case in mopidy in general.

Also could there be a permissions issue for the user mopidy is being run as.

Thanks Thomas,
I checked that log. No error messages in three.
I can access all folders from a Windows box using the same credentials to access the network share. But indeed this might be an issue.
As a test I will add another folder that has the same characteristics as the one that was loaded successfully. If that one is indexed, then I know what to do.
Thanks again.

It worked after I gave “read” and “execute” permissions to “others” on the corresponding directories, even though these directories are owned by the Samba user… why should that be required? Anyways, now the mp3 files are listed when I browse the network files.

Good to hear. Maybe the mounting of the share is too strict. I will look at that.