Not finding music in media_dir (sym links?)

Hi folks,
I’m trying to get to get MusicBox going on my Pi 2 B and it seems to be having some difficulty finding local music.

I have three directories in an NFS mount that hold my audio files. If I point to one of them, mopidy scans it and finds music. To include all three directories, I’d have to go up one and then mopidy would be scanning all of my backups which I do not want. (That’s several TB of files.)

I thought I could work around this by creating a local directory and sym-linking my three audio directories into that. Then I could point mopidy at that and it would limit the scan to just the audio directories. Unfortunately mopidy doesn’t then find the music. Does it not follow sym-links?

Is there some other way to accomplish this? (Maybe hard links on the server itself?) Other suggestions?

I tried to add multiple media directories but a few guesses at syntax did not work.


mopidy 2.0, check if follow_symlinks is is enabled in config: mopidyctl config | grep symlinks
it is false by default.

Hi, sorry I meant to reply to you earlier.

Musicbox does not yet support Mopidy v2.0, it is based on Mopidy 0.19.5 which does not support following symlinks. Multiple music directories are not supported in Mopidy (any version).

So unfortunately neither of those (very sensible) ideas will work. But using hard links to create a single root music directory should work, if you are able to do this on your server.

I’m trying to do the same kind of thing. I have 2 music directories on two separate hard disks on a linux server, to feed to a Pi loaded with Pi MusicBox. But I am having problems making hard links into a single music folder on the server:
joe@mypath/music$ sudo ln /mnt/store0/AAA AAA
gives me "hard link not allowed for directory"
Is the work-round possible? … or is it my lack of hard-link skills?

OK I missed out the “-d”. Then I have the problem I can’t make hard links to another physical device. My music library is split because of disk space considerations, so I think that is the end of the road with MusicBox.

Thank you all for the replies. I’m very much a ‘path of least resistance’ kind of guy and I found the ‘path of least resistance’ was to install mpd on the Pi and I’m presently using Ario to operate it. It has an option to follow sym links and that alowed me to deal with the next issue (getting Raspbian to automount NFS directories on boot.)


For anyone else, just install the latest version of Mopidy from APT on vanialla Raspbian (i.e. not musicbox). It follows symlinks and has the obvious benefits over vanilla mpd.