Musicbox_Webclient with Android Default Browser

Hi guys,

When i started the Musicbox_Webclient with Chrome-Browser on my Android Devices everything works great. But when i started it with the Default-Browser i see all the “buttons” like Streams, Queue, Now Playing and so on … but i can’t control it. If i clicked on the “buttons” nothing happend.
For my application i need the Default-Browser of Android. Are there any ideas? Is it a bug?

@sunni2002yout is it working now? Is it working with other devices or other Android-Browsers?
If not it could be an JavaScript issue, cause onclick actions are performed by js.
Is JavaScript activated/allowed in browser settings?


Hi raspi,
No, it’s not working now. I checked the browser settings and JavaScript is allowed :pensive: I think the problem is the Jelly-Bean-Default Browser from Android. For my device there is no 4.4 Android OS available. I think with this version of Default Browser it could be working …

Hi @sunni2002yout,
another idea was that a javascript-file is cracked in any way. But we could exclude this idea because it is working with other devices or browsers (chrome).
You can try to deinstall all updates of the browser and install it new…
Maybe it’s working than. But in my opinion it’s a bug… (In my Android-Kitkat-Default Browser it is working)

regards and good luck :wink: