musicbox_webclient/musicbox unknown config key

After installing the current version (0.6) and booting up the RasPi the webclient does not work, because it was disabled with warning:
musicbox_webclient/musicbox unknown config key

I use all other functions but not the webclient. I tried also the 0.6RC with same result. I have an RasPi 1 B connected via wire.

Any suggestions for me?

Edit: Nevermind, got it running. Seems that wrong changes to the alsamixer disables the webclient.

I have the same problem after updating to 0.6.

root@MusicBox:~# service mopidy run local scan

INFO Starting Mopidy 0.19.5
INFO Loading config from: builtin defaults, /etc/mopidy/extensions.d/spotify.conf, /etc/mopidy/mopidy.conf, command line options
INFO Enabled extensions: mopify, spotify, mpd, http, stream, spotify_tunigo, mobile, podcast-gpodder, local-sqlite, youtube, podcast-itunes, http-kuechenradio, simple-webclient, softwaremixer, local-whoosh, dirble, moped, websettings, podcast, local, tunein
INFO Disabled extensions: alsamixer, gmusic, scrobbler, subsonic, somafm, internetarchive, audioaddict, musicbox_webclient, soundcloud
WARNING Found alsamixer configuration errors, the extension has been automatically disabled:
WARNING alsamixer/control must be set.
WARNING alsamixer/card must be set.
WARNING Found musicbox_webclient configuration errors, the extension has been automatically disabled:
WARNING musicbox_webclient/musicbox unknown config key.
WARNING Please fix the extension configuration errors or disable the extensions to silence these messages.
INFO Found 0 files in media_dir.
INFO Checking 0 tracks from library.
INFO Removing 0 missing tracks.
INFO Found 0 tracks which need to be updated.
INFO Scanning…
INFO Scanned 0 of 0 files in 0s.
INFO Done scanning.

Before with 0.5 everything was fine, now it does not even find the local files on my USB Drive. I am using hifiberry_digi

Update: localscan finds my musicfiles now.

The rest of the error messages remain. Have to wait until scan is finished so see if they play.

The alsa ones you can safely ignore. Is it possible you’ve got some extra
newlines in your settings.ini so that it doesn’t correctly correspond that
option with the the correct section?

I only set the wifi name and password and ssh = true in the ini file directly. All other changes where made through the web interface. No, I don’t see any additional newlines.

@SeeAge What changes did you do to the alsa setting to get your to work?

I have a similar problem. The first thing i did was to add my Network (SSID and password) then I started the RP and everything worked fine. Then I enabled Spotify and UPnP/DLNA restarted the client. After this i couldn’t login to the webclient though my browser. I’ve tried different browsers (IE, Chrome, Mozilla), I’ve tried to Disable spotify in the settings.ini whitout success. The only thing that works is to flash musicbox to the RP again and start over. Now I’am running the RP without spotify enabled and it works fine. I’ve read in a thread that symbols in spotify password might cause problems, could this be the problem?

The /musicbox_webclient/musicbox error seems to be stemming from the musicbox = true key under [music_box] in mopidy.conf

There is an identical key under [websettings], but that one doesn’t throw any errors.

No idea if the first one is just misplaced, deprecated, or what.